Voted against tax cuts for the middle class

Heitkamp caved to the demands of her DC bosses and voted to deny North Dakota families the tax cut they deserve.

Voted against cracking down on sanctuary cities

Heitkamp voted against punishing sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration law.

Voted to keep Obamacare

Heitkamp has consistently voted against efforts to repeal Obamacare, which has burdened North Dakotans with higher costs and fewer choices.

Voted against 5-month abortion ban

Heitkamp not only voted against North Dakota values but was caught celebrating her pro-abortion vote with a high five from party boss Chuck Schumer on the Senate Floor.

Deciding vote to keep the Obama-era BLM methane rule

Despite claiming to be a defender of North Dakota's energy industry, Heitkamp was the deciding vote to keep the harmful BLM methane rule in place.